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They Don't Tell You How

“You need to love yourself more.” “You shouldn’t feel that way.” “Always put other people first. Don’t be selfish.” The one thing that is missing from all this good advice is telling you HOW to do it. We introduce you to practical tools using your own character traits to support you in creating practical answers to those questions. Read more here.

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Two memoirs tell about times of extreme personal growth in the author’s life. Sunny Side Up is a window into the early 70s when certain young adults were searching for a way to head off society’s path bent on materialism. The Transparent Feather tells of a dying author passing the torch of writing to her new friend cum student.

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You can love yourself and other people as well. At Healing Arts Report we explore fulfilling personal development that at the same time serves to create the shift to a peaceful new world paradigm.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ―C.G. Jung

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A Tale Of Energy Medicine

I am lamenting to my energy medicine friend, “I think I’m developing a frozen shoulder. It hurts especially when I reach up or behind me.”

         “You have to go for physical therapy.”

         “I thought so because it seems like everyone my age has a frozen shoulder or a torn rotator cuff. But I’m trying homeopathy first. My homeopath has done so much for me over the years.”

         “It won’t work. Nothing works besides physical therapy.”

         “But it seems to be hel…”

         And before I could finish my sentence, she repeats through gritted teeth, “It won’t work. You MUST go for physical therapy! That’s the only thing that works.”

         Lost in my thoughts, I’m telling myself, “Wait a second! This is my dear mild friend, Mary Jane, commanding me. Or is it? She’s the one person I’ve depended upon to be almost pathologically optimistic. She’s a healer. She knows energy work. It’s as if she’s been taken over by an alien force. Oh… body snatchers!?

I snap back to the present moment. Mary Jane still has her eyes locked onto mine, and she repeats,   “N o t h i n g   e l s e   w o r k s !”

         On the way home I’m thinking, That’s it. If Mary Jane says I should go, I must go. Even the ladies in my Feldenkrais class checked with their therapists’ office. Yes, I could go to a therapist in another state.

         But, it was too late. Mary Jane had infected me with optimism years ago. So before signing up for physical therapy, I just had to continue with the homeopathy. The first remedy hadn’t done much but the second one was working. I could now reach back to put on my coat without shoulder pain. And there were three more things I did.

  1. Someone recently mentioned using magnesium oil on their sore shoulder and finding it helpful. I was already using it for leg cramps and finding that it worked. And when I had my annual breast thermogram, the photographer pointed to a red spot on my sore shoulder. “That’s a trigger point. If you go to your massage therapist, show him this.” It turns out I could reach the spot myself, just barely, and it was sore as anything. I pressed it and breathed in and out waiting for it to soften, which, after a couple of days, it did.
  2. In the meantime I’d come across an exercise that’s supposed to help a person lose weight. It’s taken from a Far Eastern book by Dr. Fukujuji, all the rage, having sold 6 million copies. I’ve been trying to lose ten pounds for over ten years now, unsuccessfully. But that isn’t the only aspect that catches my interest. Now that I can raise my arm, I think I could do this exercise. It’s a little challenging, requiring one to hold a certain posture for five minutes three times a day. Lay on the floor, put a rolled towel under the back behind the navel and stretch the arms up along the floor, elbows to ears, using a pillow to rest the hands on if I couldn’t rest them on the floor, palms down, baby fingers touching. Stretch out the legs, hip width apart, toes turned inward with big toes touching. Instead of the rolled towel I place a small pillow under my back to take into account my particular curvature of the spine. For the first few days doing it, I can hear all my muscles snapping into place along my spine. It feels great! And my posture changes! Now, the spine doesn’t seem to need to adjust so much when I lie down and my scapulae are lying flatter against my rib cage when I stand. And, last…
  3. Optimism! It’s official now. Proof that I, too, have become devotedly optimistic. Optimism works—with a few energy medicine techniques and a little help from my friend.

PRACTICE. Have you often felt there was a different way to treat some condition or life problem you have? People often tell me about going to see their local health care provider and being discouraged to try anything new. Sometimes they are scared to act against conventional solutions by dire warnings. Or if it was a communication problem with a friend or coworker and they’ve sought help from another friend, they find themselves advised to take revenge. Next time you receive advice that just doesn’t sit well with you, try doing some research. The internet really CAN help. Look for quotes referring to your situation and see what wisdom has been done by others.

CONTACT. If you’re not sure how to research your situation, use your free 20 minute phone call or one week email consultation for guidance in finding solutions that fit your ideals.