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They Don't Tell You How

“You need to love yourself more.” “You shouldn’t feel that way.” “Always put other people first. Don’t be selfish.” The one thing that is missing from all this good advice is telling you HOW to do it. We introduce you to practical tools using your own character traits to support you in creating practical answers to those questions. Read more here.

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Two memoirs tell about times of extreme personal growth in the author’s life. Sunny Side Up is a window into the early 70s when certain young adults were searching for a way to head off society’s path bent on materialism. The Transparent Feather tells of a dying author passing the torch of writing to her new friend cum student.

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You can love yourself and other people as well. At Healing Arts Report we explore fulfilling personal development that at the same time serves to create the shift to a peaceful new world paradigm.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ―C.G. Jung

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BJ Appelgren

BJ Appelgren has written 39 posts for Healing Arts Report

Who Do You Go To For Help?

Recently an acquaintance wanted to know who I would recommend if they were seeking help. After I named a couple of our peers the person asked her real question, “Who do you go to?”  My choices are so personal I can’t imagine that anyone I know would find my favorite advisors useful for them. Nor ...read more

Word Play

lonely/engaged, inert/unfolding, rigid/adaptable, limiting/expansive, exclusive/inclusive, one answer/many paths, opposing/striving together ...read more

Small Changes Change Your World

A friend told me a story yesterday about changing her attitude. When her children were still young enough to be living at home, she worked two sixteen-hour shifts at a hospital on weekends. This schedule allowed her to be home during the week with her children while her husband was at his job. She described ...read more

Nature And Nurture

I had a client who at times mentioned wanting to die. This was a person whose attitude toward the possibility of viewing his life differently reminds me most of my young self. Every barrier looked immovable to me. The word ‘challenge’ meant ‘impossible.’ Our family outlook was pessimistic, but also rooted in a history that ...read more

Stuff And Energy

Yesterday I was telling a friend that in my sporadic attempts to clear out the accumulating “stuff” that George Carlin described so well, I gave away a really cute decorative stuffed snowman. I was so proud of myself for sending an item I was fond of to new living quarters that I actually patted myself ...read more

Art Of The Story–Part II, Forgiving The Unforgivable

I ignored my childhood hunger for stories for years. So it’s taken me by surprise that late in life I’ve become an enthusiastic listener to them on the radio. It turns out that there are numerous non-fiction story-centered shows on our public radio station. Each organization that sponsors them has a different focus. However,  the ...read more

Meditation–The Challenge of Being Inwardly Still

It’s been my practice lately to wash, eat breakfast, and then, before getting into my intentional mental gymnastics of the day, to sit for a short time to meditate, doing nothing. Lately, I’ve been having a lot of trouble sitting quietly. This morning before entering my studio I decided to go outside in the now-settled ...read more

Art Of The Story — Part I, Free Hugs

How can a story be so much richer a way to learn than through lectures and grades? Unlike stories that have a single correct answer or moral to them, more compelling stories are akin to the little known literary form called teaching stories. Teaching stories are a tradition from the Middle East and Afghanistan introduced ...read more

Mary Watts, Visionary

As an artist who’s in love with words, I am delighted when I find arising in myself an immediate sense of the spiritual coming from purely visual impact whether I understand the symbolism or not. That’s how I felt the moment I saw the exquisite chapel pictured in this article, built by designer Mary Watts. ...read more

Girls’ Day Out

A couple of months ago, my friend Nancy inspired me to start a new raised garden bed by saying she’d used all kinds of garden waste to build up the underlayers. Thinking I could do a nice organic shape, I made the curvy bed without any boards to support the sides. When my Swiss chard ...read more