These two memoirs cover very different times in the author’s life. Sunny Side Up is a window into the early 70s when the cultural creatives were looking to redefine the American dream. Many young adults sought philosophies and practices that were new to them, at that time, mostly imported from other cultures, both eastern and western. Students arrived from all over the world to study with philosopher and physicist, J.G. Bennett. He established a ten-month residential program where he intended to teach 100 students how to live in a way that goes against the worst traits of human nature—such as laziness, greed, and jealousy—traits that kept even the best of human endeavors from succeeding.
The Transparent Feather tells of a relationship between dying prize winning author, Berry Morgan, writer of stories for The New Yorker for over twenty years and BJ Appelgren, blindly following her intuition to be introduced by a mutual friend. Berry creates a unique writing course in exchange for BJ scribing the memoirs Berry writes specifically for her family.
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