Sunny Side Up by BJ Appelgren

Sunny Side Up: A Young Woman’s Search for Transformation


  • ISBN 978-0-9619884-2-5
  • 280 pages
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Product Description

Thousands of young people roamed Europe in the 1970s seeking spiritual truth and sustainable alternatives to a culture of growing materialism. In Sunny Side Up, Artist BJ Appelgren describes her yearlong quest at Sherborne, an esoteric school in England run by philosopher John G. Bennett. The students practiced psychological exercises from both East and West, including self-observation, decision training, sacred movements, learning how to learn, cosmology, and meditations. In their fourteen-hour days, they also grew food and maintained the huge estate that housed the school.

Bennett promised to teach the students practical ways to address their sense of an unrealized self, of energies squandered, and wasted time. Every activity from listening during lectures to working in the kitchen presented situations for self–observation. What were one’s attitudes toward listening? Physical labor? Working with others? Although sometimes very difficult, typical responses could be changed, or at least countered so that one could live out one’s ideals. He would show them how to make these changes in themselves with techniques in spiritual development derived from millennia-old traditions. But first, they would have to observe the true nature of their ways of being.

Sunny Side Up offers a portrayal of perplexing yet rich lessons, personal failures and triumphs, as well as humorous good will. These are characteristics recognizable to all seekers who have looked for love and answers from others, later understood to be found only within.

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  1. Vic Garbarini, Editor, Lava Magazine


    “Sunny Side Up is a unique and multidimensional spiritual memoir that has you feeling you’re not just observing BJ Appelgren’s inner journey, but coming along for the remarkable ride. If you’ve ever wondered what was going on inside Harry and Hermione hearts and souls at Hogwarts, this is the book you’ve been looking for.”

  2. David Seamon, Professor, Kansas State University


    “The narrative . . . evokes memories of unforgettable encounters with oneself, other students, Bennett, and the ineffable…. a fruitful time of life-changing personal experiences in the moment and also as an enduring event that continues to reverberate four decades later.”

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