The Transparent Feather by BJ Appelgren

The Transparent Feather


  • ISBN 978-0-9619884-0-1
  • 272 pages
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Product Description

Berry Morgan, a prize-winning author living out her days in a nursing home, works out a unique partnership with an aspiring writer: BJ Appelgren will transcribe Berry’s memoirs, and, in return, Berry will help develop BJ’s writing.

The two women trade stories for a year and a half, each examining her own life as well as witnessing the other’s. Their unanticipated laughter and friendship at a critical time takes them by surprise. While Berry makes peace with her own life, she hands over her joy for the process of writing, cheering BJ on as the novice stumbles to find her writing voice and meet life’s challenges.


  1. Mary Lehman, editor, The Shepherdstown Observer


    “The Transparent Feather is a many-layered book full of rich color and marvelous descriptions. It has universal appeal.”

  2. Joyce Lerner, book designer


    “This is an inspiring tale of a serendipitous friendship leading to growth and self-revelation.”

  3. Dr. Heidi Spencer, psychotherapist


    “BJ and Berry quietly shared the everydayness of time slipping on, both knowing Berry was dying. As a clinician and psychotherapist, I know others need it — a non-gendered spiritually committed version of Tuesdays With Morrie.”

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