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They Don't Tell You How

“You need to love yourself more.” “You shouldn’t feel that way.” “Always put other people first. Don’t be selfish.” The one thing that is missing from all this good advice is telling you HOW to do it. We introduce you to practical tools using your own character traits to support you in creating practical answers to those questions. Read more here.

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Two memoirs tell about times of extreme personal growth in the author’s life. Sunny Side Up is a window into the early 70s when certain young adults were searching for a way to head off society’s path bent on materialism. The Transparent Feather tells of a dying author passing the torch of writing to her new friend cum student.

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You can love yourself and other people as well. At Healing Arts Report we explore fulfilling personal development that at the same time serves to create the shift to a peaceful new world paradigm.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ―C.G. Jung

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Have You Heard Of An Ethical Will? Part I

I was fascinated by the idea of leaving behind an ethical will, sometimes defined as a description of a person’s hopes and dreams and thoughts about contributing to the world. In contrast to the material possessions bestowed in a conventional will, the ethical will challenges us to articulate the values that have meant most to ...read more

Working Together

[br]The first time I was aware of a healthy and meaningful shared experience was in high school orchestra. Those conflicted teenage years often had me feeling so sad and alienated that I often felt being in orchestra was saving my life. The students I met there were different from the ones I grew up with ...read more

EFT Story – Breaking Up With Long Time Boyfriend

Sherri came to her appointment unable to stop crying since she broke up with her boyfriend several days before this meeting. She explained her current situation. She was so upset she felt physically ill, wondering if she needed to be hospitalized.  “I had it with him. He was always inconsiderate. The relationship was never as ...read more

How To Use Feelings

As I described in the previous blog post, feelings are often complex and sometimes even contradictory. Most of us have already learned many bad habits regarding feelings such as: your feelings don’t count so you may as well not express them. This belief isn’t helpful or healthy because it doesn’t stop you from having feelings. ...read more