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They Don't Tell You How

“You need to love yourself more.” “You shouldn’t feel that way.” “Always put other people first. Don’t be selfish.” The one thing that is missing from all this good advice is telling you HOW to do it. We introduce you to practical tools using your own character traits to support you in creating practical answers to those questions. Read more here.

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Two memoirs tell about times of extreme personal growth in the author’s life. Sunny Side Up is a window into the early 70s when certain young adults were searching for a way to head off society’s path bent on materialism. The Transparent Feather tells of a dying author passing the torch of writing to her new friend cum student.

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You can love yourself and other people as well. At Healing Arts Report we explore fulfilling personal development that at the same time serves to create the shift to a peaceful new world paradigm.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ―C.G. Jung

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Thinking Too Small

I often hear people say that they aren’t creative. In general, I simply don’t believe them. Why? Because, for several years, I taught an art/psychology class to people who had not signed up to participate. They didn’t know they were going to have to attend as part of a meditative self-observation course.

The course was called Perceptions. Its purpose was to experiment with their perceptions and to share them with their classmates. This way they could all appreciate how differently each person experiences life. There  were no judgments about what was the right or wrong way to perceive.

In time, many of them could see they had limiting ideas about what they could or could not do, and many of them had never taken the time to act differently from what they believed.

The class was a place for experimentation. My wish was for them to carry this freedom with them into their daily life activities.

By hearing how someone else had a different attitude, a moment of trying something new, or of overcoming a feeling of defeat just by trying—all of these were ways they expanded their own possibilities.

It’s easier to do this when you’re with a group of people all in the same position. Together you muddle through. The challenge most of the time is: How do you educate, expand, and evolve yourself when you’re working alone?

Just put a thought out there: “I’m open to new possibilities!” Some people create an affirmation to repeat to themselves. Some make a note and tape it up on the bathroom mirror. Others begin their daily meditation with that affirming thought.

Notice what your reaction is to a new thought. “Oh, I can’t do that.” See all the reasons why you can’t do it. Do you push the idea away before even coming up with excuses?

There’s a second opportunity for a new creative experience. Listen to your excuses. Don’t push them away. Did you tell yourself you couldn’t afford it? Find a neighbor who might show you how to do the idea. See if there’s free webinars on the Internet or an inexpensive class at the local craft store.

You can’t address the excuses without paying attention to them. If they sound like excuses even to you, you’ll learn something by addressing them.

You can educate yourself in so many different ways, there’s always a way that will suit you—if only you would listen to yourself.

Here’s a fellow who took a chance of exposing his dream to people.

After watching this, do you tell yourself,  “I don’t have that ability.”

I’m not talking about his showing a prodigious talent. He’s also exposed vulnerability. I’m suggesting, that taking a chance might be the doorway to a new world.

To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily.  To not dare is to lose oneself. ~Soren Kierkegaard

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.  ~Pablo Picasso

You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  ~Wayne Gretzky

PRACTICE: Think of a time when you got past a resistance to doing something new. See if you can apply whatever technique you used or another person used on you to trying something new again.

CONTACT. Have you felt the need to get over a fear that has stopped you from experiencing something you’ve wanted to do? Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are great for working through fears. Contact me for a free 20-minute consultation to get started on changing your experience.